The complete stand up paddle surf guide from window shopping to catching your first waves

From: Nate Burgoyne, author
RE: The Stand Up Paddle Book

Holy Smokes, it’s Finally Here
The Book You’ve Been Waiting For!

Yes!The Stand Up Paddle Book has been officially published and you can get it right here. The book is over 265 pages and is jam-packed with tons of fun stories, illustrations, and practical knowledge about stand up paddle surfing from etiquette, to board design, to how survive a wipeout with a board and a paddle.

I Took a Beating So You Don’t Have To

After I got on my first stand up paddle board, I was emotionally hooked but technically lost, and even the board-builders hadn’t really figured out the fundamentals yet. So, I enrolled myself in the  school of hard wipe-outs trying to figure out how to do it the right way. I sure wish I had a “how-to” book back then.

Learn How to Stand Up Paddle, Train, and Survive Wipeouts!

When the smoke finally cleared from figuring out this sport, it hit me that I was probably not the only one that started out totally in the dark about how to stand up paddle. So, I started writing The Stand Up Paddle Book. Now everyone can learn how to stand up paddle the right way.

This Book Will Give You the Knowledge
and Skills You Need to Choose
the Right Equipment and Catch Waves!

Nobody’s born knowing how to ride a stand up paddle board and choose the right equipment. Before you lay out the big bucks for a new board, you’ve gotta’ know what to look for. And, before you get hammered in the surf like I did, you’ve got to have the skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun. The Stand Up Paddle Book has got it all!

Everyone Can Improve Their Stand Up Paddle Skills with The Stand Up Paddle Book

After founding the digital publication, Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine (, my wife and I founded the first 100% stand up paddle school on the North Shore of Oahu where I still teach stand up paddlers of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. From the 280 lb Texan looking to get fit to the 110 lb paddler looking to transition into catching waves, I’ve been able to help get ’em up and paddling. What’s the key? The right equipment, the right knowledge, and a fun attitude.

The Stand Up Paddle Book Lays the Perfect Foundation for Stand Up Paddlers of All Ages and Abilities!

You can check out the complete table of contents here. That about sums it all up. I know you’re going to love the book. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve read and re-read it adding and revising it, and you know what…I’m still stoked on it. What’s my favorite section? Hmmmm… there’s one called “Kissed by a Wave” that still gives me chicken skin. Right now that’s probably my favorite section. My wife wrote a section called “Board Size & Manageability for Women”, which is also a super section. To get your copy, go ahead and click the button below. It’ll send you to a secure checkout page where you can add the book to your shopping cart and check out. If you have any questions at all, you are totally welcome to contact me at Have a great day! Happy paddling!

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