“In a cyber age where any fool with a keyboard can become an instant expert on stand up paddling, Nate Burgoyne is a breath of fresh air.

On a huge day at Sunset Beach, I watched him charge the giants. Nate Burgoyne has the guts and game to back up his words. Aloha.”

Dave Chun
Shaper & Founder
Kialoa Paddles

“Stand up paddling has changed many people’s lives. For some, it’s the benefits of better health. For some, it’s a way to become connected with nature. For some, the surfing aspect is unbeatable.

One thing is for sure; for all, it is fun!

This clear and easy to read book is a great resource that takes you step-by-step so you can get out on the water and enjoy stand up paddling. Nate does a beautiful job of keeping things simple to understand and easy to read.

In no time, you too will be out there enjoying what others have found to be the best all around core workout that is so fun you forget you are working out! Aloha.”

Blane Chambers
Shaper and Founder
Paddle Surf Hawaii

“Stand up paddling will change your body and your life. For many of us passionate paddlers out here in Hawaii, it’s what we are fortunate enough to do for a living.

As a personal trainer I am always astounded by the positive body and mind transformations I’ve seen both personally and with my clients since I’ve implemented stand up paddling into my workout programs.

If you are interested in making this transformation for yourself, then this book is a great place to start.

Nate has laid out the basics in an easy to understand, comprehensive, and humorous book that you will find helpful in your endeavors to hone in on your paddling skills, be safe, and not be a ‘kook’.

Also included are basic conditioning exercises and helpful advice to give you the muscle strength and endurance needed to enjoy longer sessions on the water!

You will need the stamina because stand up paddling is so much fun you will not realize that hours have gone by and you’re getting the workout of your life!”

Nikki Gregg, CPT
SUP Personal Trainer
NRG Lifestyles Fitness